Assobio red 2014 is a blend of the most traditional Douro grape varieties – Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca – thus respecting the viticultural tradition of the oldest demarcated wine region of the world,  The wine’s balanced, fresh, versatile and gastronomic character reflects, the Douro Valley’s unique conditions, different terroirs, extreme climate and sustainable agricultural methods.

At the edge of Quinta dos Murças’ boundaries, there is a valley formed by steep slopes.  Here, the vineyards are primarily north-facing at high altitudes, and are more protected from the sun. When the wind blows, there is a whistling sound. It is this particular characteristic that gives the wine its name: Assobio means “whistle” in Portuguese. It is from plots like these that Assobio white, rose and red are produced.

The Assobio range is part of the Quinta dos Murças portfolio, which also includes the Minas, Reserva, Margem, VV47, Porto Tawny 10 anos and Porto Vintage wines, as well as the estate’s extra-virgin olive oil.