We developed 3 different hiking trails that take you through the water springs (Minas), the riverbank (Margem) or the Assobio (Whistle) vineyard.  Enjoy these walks separately or turn them into a single hike. Take your time and discover the full diversity of the Estate which, each season, reveals a different side of its biodiversity.

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Quinta dos Murças Tasting

Complete tasting of the wines produced at Quinta dos Murças.

Assobio Portfolio: Assobio white, rose and red

Quinta dos Murças Portfolio: Quinta dos Murças Minas, Reserva, Margem, VV47, Vintage and Tawny

‘Douro DOC’ Tasting Assobio White, Rose and Red

At the edge of Quinta dos Murças’ boundaries, there is a valley formed by steep slopes. Here, the vineyards are primarily north-facing at high altitudes, and are more protected from the sun. From plots like these, the fresh, versatile and food-friendly Assobio white, rose and red are produced. They are a result of the region’s most traditional grape varieties and offer a refreshing perspective on the classic region.

Terroir Tasting Quinta dos Murças Minas, Reserva e Margem

Quinta dos Murças is a unique place characterised by the diversity of its 8 terroirs. The region’s extreme climate and terrain, the agricultural practices respecting nature and the different winemaking processes emphasize the true character of the fruit, resulting in concentrated, elegant and fresh terroir-driven wines.

Tasting VV47

Guided tasting, with the Quinta dos Murças winemaker, José Luis Moreira da Silva.

The wines tasted are from the Quinta dos Murças range, namely Minas, Reserva, Margem, VV47 and Ânfora.