A hideaway that offers you tranquility, comfort and harmony. In the middle of the Nature and by the Lima river, here are produced singular wines.

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The Estate Experience

Quinta do Ameal, located in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde, sub-region of Lima, cradle of the Loureiro grape variety, is a historic property with records since 1710.

At 30km from the Atlantic Ocean, Quinta do Ameal has a river front of 800m, an altitude between 12 and 53 meters, deep and fertile granitic soils, an average temperature of 14.9 degrees centigrade and 1300 millimeters of precipitation. Of the 30 hectares it owns, 14 are vineyards of the Loureiro variety and eight of forest – where walnut, chestnut and stone pine stand out, some of which are more than 200 years old. The combination of these characteristics with the Loureiro variety results in unique wines, with character and a great capacity for evolution.

Quinta do Ameal wine tourism is a haven and the starting point to discover the Vale do Lima and the Loureiro grape variety. Casa Grande, with three independent suites and Casa da Vinha with two suites, offer the privacy and comfort you need. In addition to visits to the vineyards and wineries and wine tasting, you can try a range of activities, such as guided kayak tours on the river, bicycle, river trekking and travel along the Lima River Ecovia from Quinta do Ameal. The outdoor spaces, such as the swimming pool, the garden and the porches, invite you to rest.

Discover the Vinho Verde region and the unique wines that are born here, while enjoying a well-deserved vacation or a special weekend.

Quinta do Ameal Wine Tourism

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