Our Reason for Being:

To make the finest products that nature provides in a responsible and inspiring way.



The first two decades of this project tell us a story of struggle, faith, and such a strong vision that clearly marked the modern history of Portuguese wine.

The family and generational perspective that this project contains in itself was decisive and a good counselor in the most difficult decisions. We believe that the values of our family, which extend to Esporão’s project, have contributed to a culture of responsibility, work and excellence that is reflected in everything we do, most visibly in our products.

In the transition from its founder, José Roquette, for the 2nd generation challenges are compounded by the responsibility to take on this project so dear to our family, maintaining the essential values that give it identity and shape its culture, projecting our visions into the future.

The commitment to creating prosperity, with our employees, the communities where we operate, the environment and, in particular, with our customers, for us is unwavering. We know that’s the only way we can take this project forward and deliver to the 3rd generation, already in training, a better company than the one we received.

We’re proud to have a highly motivated team, a team that literally “wear the shirt” and shares values such as innovation, nonconformity, responsibility and excellence, values that are part of the genetic heritage of our company.

A multidisciplinary team where everyone is valued and respected, and where everyone is invited to contribute to the common good.

Want to join our team?
Send us your application to rh@esporao.com

We try to respond to all applications made. All applications are treated with the strictest confidence and the information provided will not be disclosed to third parties.

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