Our Reason for Being:

To make the finest products that nature provides in a responsible and inspiring way.


Agricultural Practices

Looking to the future, we make the optimal management of natural resources in order to eliminate the use of synthetic materials. We want to enhance the quality of our fruit naturally.
Agricultural Practices

Bats: allies in the fight against moths

Genomic analysis shows that bats help control the olive moth.
Agricultural Practices

Green Manure and Green Pruning

Learn more about these practices and their relevance for plants and fruits alike.
Agricultural Practices

Wind in the Vineyards and Olive Groves

Learn the influence of wind on our agricultural production.
Agricultural Practices

Hedgerows for Auxiliary Fauna

Find out how we make part of the pest control.
Agricultural Practices

Herdade do Esporão’s stock

Cattle are an integral part of our life in Esporão. Learn why.
Agricultural Practices


Learn more about one of the most important tasks in the production cycle of our wines and olive oils
Resource Management

Integrated System Policy: Quality, Environment, Energy and Health and Safety at Work

To produce in a rational and responsible way enhances products with better quality.
Agricultural Practices

Shelter for Bats of Esporão

We have set up shelters for bats, in Herdade do Esporão, which help us fight pests.
Agricultural Practices


We take all organic by-products of our activity to enrich our cultures.
Agricultural Practices


Vegetal layer to protect and fertilize the soil.
Agricultural Practices

The Grape Harvesting is over and Sowing has begun

Sowing the inter-row plant cover (swarding) is a crucial part of our sustainability plan.