Integrated System Policy: Quality, Environment, Energy and Health and Safety at Work

Integrated System Policy: Quality, Environment, Energy and Health and Safety at Work

To make the finest products that nature provides, in a responsible and inspiring way.

The Esporão project began in the Alentejo from an irrepressible desire to make the finest wines. This is the basis of everything we do and something we extend to other products and regions.

Everywhere, nature inspires us and helps us to improve. We respect and protect it, building a more promising future.

We believe that companies should serve society, and not the other way around. We aim to always operate in a responsible fashion. This responsibility is neither abstract nor merely collective: it is individual, including everyone who is involved with Esporão.

We encourage non-conformity and change. We aim to do better but not necessarily more. We have learnt that progress depends on non-conformity and and creativity to find the best solutions, and on the knowledge we develop and apply, as well as believing in what we do and putting our heart and soul into it.

We aim to be a family company that is economically, socially, energetically and environmentally sustainable, offering safe and healthy work conditions to our employees, and capable of providing unique products and experiences that improve people’s lives.

We assume the management and continuous improvement of our business, complying with all legal requirements and setting ambitious objectives, ensuring the formation, information and resources necessary to achieve them, always keeping in mind environmental protection, environmental impact and the safety of our employees. We’re commited in the continuous improvement of our energy performance, be it through operational control, improvement actions and acquisition of energy-efficient products and services.


We want a better world with opportunities and dreams to pursue. We are bold regarding what we propose to do, believing that the effort and persistence to achieve this will help us find new ways forward. We take risks, allowing room for mistakes and to chance to learn from them. Ideas should come from everyone, anywhere and at any time. We create the organizational climate and structure that allow challenges to become opportunities.


We only exist if part of society, in the environment that surrounds us and within a viable economic context. We take individual and collective responsibility for the impact of our company and work to minimise it. We communicate facts, in an honest and objective way.


First we do better, then we do more. We do not accept “perfection is the enemy of good“. Criticism should be constructive, and should be viewed as such. It is our customers and consumers who judge us and we are pro-active in asking them, responding with improvements.

© Alexandre Delmar