A project by the architecture studio Skrei, also responsible for the project of the wine cellar of Esporão. The intervention seeks to unify the different environments that characterize the diversity of experiences that the wine tourismo offers. Thus the relationship between the landscape and the interior of the building establishes itself before a strategy of transparency and luminosity. Based on the principle of the concept of supply, we tried to materialize in the spaces the same idea, through the use of materials recovered from the industry itself and the activity of the Estate, namely oak barrels, sheep’s wool and metal.
Enoturismo e Restaurante
Herdade do Esporão
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Garden Restaurant – New!

Herdade do Esporão restaurant now extends to the vegetable garden, the origin of everything we do – nature. Outdoors, with a view for the vineyards, our long table offers a unique and exclusive experience during the season when the days are longer. In a laid-back atmosphere, dinner is served early, to enjoy the sunset, prepared in a dedicated space for basic cooking using only fire. Here, the closeness to the ingredients and the kitchen invite you to share a moment relishing in the simplicity of the cuisine and the landscape, which merge into a complete experience of what we produce.

MENU 1 comprised of: 4 Appetisers, 1 Fish Entrée or 1 Meat Entrée and 1 Dessert

MENU 2 comprised of: 4 Appetisers, 1 Fish Entrée, 1 Meat Entrée and 1 Dessert

The menu is available for groups between 10 and 16 people. Please book at least 1 week ahead.

For any questions, please contact us through or (+351) 266 509 280.


Open only for reservations from 7pm to 11pm

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays


The confirmation of your reservation requires prior payment in full and cancellations after that date will not be refunded.


The ample terrace of the Estate’s restaurant ends where the vineyard begins, offering a panoramic view of the lake. It is ideal for alfresco dining while enjoying the long sunny days of the Alentejo, as well as the tranquillity of a landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Tasting room in the Cellar

The tasting room of the cellar was also rethought by the architecture studio SKREI. According to the architect Pedro Jervell, the idea was that one could live the experience of the whole wine producing process. All this environment describes a scenario in which the process is the story that the wine goes through until tasted.

In the middle of this factory scenario, there is a moment of reflection on the history of the company, two wine cellars show the collection resulting from years of production since 1985. To taste this history, ambiguous elements have been designed mixing with the space, which illuminate and serve the wine, just as the ambiguity present in the very tasting of wine, which depends on the person and the context.

Finally, the wood and stainless steel with the Reguengos de Monsaraz typical rugs generate a dialogue of materials that embrace all the structural concrete of the cellars.