Our Reason for Being:

To make the finest products that nature provides in a responsible and inspiring way.



This Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) consists of 8 sub-regions with a long tradition in wine production and has the greatest diversity of soil types. Characterized by hot and dry Summers, mild Springs and Autumns and undemanding winters.

The Olive Groves

An agricultural production with almost forest features in organic production.

2016 Olive Oil Production has Begun

The olive oil production has begun, already in the new 'Lagar' (olive oil mill).

The Vineyards

More than 450 hectares of vineyard, planted in prime areas of agricultural production Esporão.

Vintage Report 2015

Year marked by a very dry winter and above average temperatures during the spring and summer.
Resource Management

Integrated System Policy: Quality, Environment, Energy and Health and Safety at Work

To produce in a rational and responsible way enhances products with better quality.

A Region of Subtleties

Meet the intrinsic characteristics of our home region.