SMUP and Esporão Present Desvio

SMUP and Esporão Present Desvio

SMUP – Sociedade Musical União Paredense, in conjunction with Esporão, will host the board meeting of the Europe Jazz Network (EJN), a European association made up of 106 organisations, including festivals, clubs, cultural institutions and producers from 31 countries.

The project’s mission is to encourage, promote and support the development of creative jazz and improvised music on the Old Continent, allowing artists, organisers and audiences from different nations to communicate with one another, collaborate on common initiatives and undertake exchanges. The EJN works in the fields of information, education, fund-raising and, obviously, performance by staging concerts in one part of Europe featuring musicians from a different region who would otherwise have difficulty playing in such places.

As such, on 2nd, 3rd and 4th June, SMUP will host the EJN board meeting, which will comprise 12 elected members and the same number of invited figures, all top organisers of European festivals and concert halls. On this very special occasion, there will be an event showcasing the best of Portuguese music, thus providing an opportunity for the internationalisation of its artists.

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Pedro Sousa / Miguel Mira / Afonso Simões | Photo by ©Vera Marmelo
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Red Trio | Photo by ©Nuno Martins
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Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio | Photo by ©Miguel Almeida
Entitled Desvio, this event boasts a total 13 concerts, covering a broad range of jazz and improvised music, in addition to projects aesthetically similar to this musical area. Some of the participating groups already have an international name and enjoy critical acclaim from abroad, such as Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio, Red Trio, Hugo Carvalhais Trio and Lama, while others will certainly be a surprise to the ears of the European jazz producers gathered there. The exhibition will include music that ranges from mainstream to the avant-garde, covering the huge area in between; in other words, as well as being a showcase for quality, it will also be a demonstration of creative diversity.
This initiative is supported by the wine and olive oil producer Esporão, which is also involved in areas such as culture, the arts, gastronomy, as well as the research and preservation of tangible and intangible heritage, adhering to the principle that companies should also serve both communities and society at large. Esporão’s mission to market the best products that nature offers, inspiring people in the process, coincides with the goal of promoting the best jazz Portugal has to offer beyond the country’s borders.

The event will not only put SMUP on the European map, but also have repercussions for the Cascais district and Portugal itself. In this integrated and interdependent world we live in, it is not only important to think globally – it is also necessary to act on a global level. According to the EJN, «music is a positive force for harmony and understanding between people», involving «the diversity of cultures inherent in the European family». Once again, SMUP will be committed to public service for Parede, Cascais, the country and, in this special case, all of Europe and its citizens.

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