A visit from the photographer and storyteller to Herdade do Esporão.

Deep sleep. The mist close by.

We fall in love with Alentejo as we gaze at a path that seems endless. As we discover the day while it illuminates the hills and hear the people who like to lose themselves in the landscape.

We hear wings flap and cattle bleat. We discover the green hues of fragrant fields. The mist close by. Its flavour still lingers with me.

The orange sun is menacing and dewdrops balance on the vineyard’s wire — and a photograph of that stone that was left on the post the day before to mark the end and beginning of the day’s work.

Diversity, precision and balance. The life that nature provides in a sustainable and inspiring manner is made of rolling plains, shallow valleys and sporadic ponds. It is irrevocably transformed by the birds and bats that control plagues, the bean plants that tend the rows of vines in poor soils and resist Alentejo’s great temperature variations. Marcelina and Conceição, Rui, Sandra and António — who wouldn’t trade this land for anything.