After initial words about her soft spot for vinho verde, she then assesses the wines of other regions, including Murças Reserva 2011 and Assobio red and white 2013.

She describes Murças Reserva 2011’s excellent structure and firm tannins, its extremely well-balanced palate of black fruit, liquorice, and good minerality with a nose that has notes of vanilla, black pepper and all-spice.

Assobio red 2013 is billed as lighter with red fruits and dark berries that mingle with black and green pepper. “Fresh and fun”, it is a wine that pairs easily with appetizers and even salads. A perfect wine to bring to a party, or to build one around.

She is sure that Assobio white 2013 will appeal to fans of Sauvignon blanc, Sancerre, as well as Pinot Grigio drinkers, despite being softer, more textured and balanced than these grape varieties.

We recommend this short and well-structured article, which whets our appetite for these and other Portuguese wines: