Alentejo / Herdade do Esporão

Late Harvest 2017

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Wine Concept

An elegant sweet wine, resulting from dehydration and the ensuing increase in the grapes’ sugar, which were left in a parcel of vineyard at Herdade dos Perdigões for several weeks after reaching ideal ripeness.


Grapes from Herdade dos Perdigões, a property owned by Esporão in Reguengos de Monsaraz.

Autumn and winter were colder and wetter than the previous year, with more rain and the lowest temperatures between Novwmber and February. Nonetheless, temperatures and rain remained within the average of the past 18 years. The spring featured higher temperatures than in 2016, leading to earlier phenolic stages.
The hot and dry spring ensured healthy grape development. Summer began hotter than in 2016 (+2.0ºC), which led to earlier ripening. Temperatures in August and September were lower than in 2016, making grapes ripen more quickly and producing higher sugar levels, which led to more full-bodied white wines with notes of ripe fruit, and red wines that are rich and concentrated.

Granite/schist base, with loam/clay structure

19 years

Grape Varieties


Vinification / Maturation

Post-harvest grape cooling, pressing, must decantation, temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks, centrifugation, stabilisation, filtration.

More Information

An experimental wine resulting from the restlessness of Herdade do Esporão’s winemakers, Late Harvest defies the laws established for the hot and sunny region of the Alentejo.

It is produced using the method employed for the sweet wines of the Sauternes region, with overripe and dehydrated Semillon grapes from our vineyard. The resulting wine is highly concentrated, rich and complex.

Wine Makers

David Baverstock and Sandra Alves


Clear, golden colour


Tangerine and orange peel with floral touches, combined with notes of fruit preserves.


Rich and buttery texture, with notes of citrus and toasted almond. Balanced on the palate with a long and persistent finish.


375 ml


Maio de 2018


13 %

Total Acidity

6.8 g/l



Reducing Sugar / Baumé

88 g/l