Throughout more than 200 pages we can find interviews, opinion pieces and feature stories that address topics such as an artist’s creative process, the centuries-old tradition of amphora wine, the myths surrounding olive oil or the apparent simplicity of making bread. The illustrations and stories of a wine, integrated architecture, stories of change or new perspectives on life are just some other topics that can be found in this new issue.

Available at Esporão stores (Herdade do Esporão, Quinta dos Murças and Sovina Store in Porto), Nativa can also be purchased in specialized magazine stores such as Under The Cover, MAGKiosk or ABANCA in Portugal.

The print edition of Nativa complements its online version, which is permanently available and brings together several articles, videos and images of stories, memories, ideas and projects. These involve wine, olive oil, beer, territory, nature, gastronomy, art, photography, traditions and their reinventions.

Both the print magazine and the online version were coordinated, produced and edited by Esporão’s marketing team and had the collaboration of several special guests.