During the past year, Esporão has reinforced its wine vinification process by investing in and renovating the Herdade do Esporão Winery. This winery, used predominantly to produce Monte Velho, was inaugurated for the 2018 Harvest and became a crucial part of the story of these new vintages.

According to winemaker Sandra Alves “this new space enabled us to work more effectively during the harvest. We believe this, along with the characteristics of the vintage, is also reflected in the quality of the Monte Velho wines”.

In 2018, the rainy spring in Alentejo and mild temperatures ideal for plant development and for slow maturation, regular and steady ripening of the grapes, preserved the freshness and aromatic intensity of Monte Velho White, and the structure, intensity and harmony of Monte Velho Red. These new vintages maintain the balanced and gastronomic profile that characterise the identity of this Alentejo wine.

Therefore, Monte Velho White 2018 is fresh and versatile, with a delicate citrus aroma. On the palate it is intense and offers a long finish, and the aroma presents notes of lemon and white fruit. Pairs well with fish and grilled dishes, on warm nights that contrast with the wine’s qualities.

Monte Velho Red 2018 is rich, intense, well-structured and full-bodied. Made from a blend of varieties that maximise the aroma of red and wild berries, with a light touch of fresh spices, this is the perfect company for traditional Alentejo dishes or the barbecues that take off in the spring.