Revista de Vinhos magazine praises the agricultural investigation and restructuring efforts that, over the past 10 years, have enabled Esporão to transition the entire agricultural area to organic farming methods, currently making it the largest organic vineyard in Portugal. This change was founded on a thorough study of the soils, the ecosystem and the buildings – wineries and olive oil mill –, which were built using natural methods and materials, applying the circular economy. Also noted was the significant growth of the ampelographic field to study grape varieties, initiated in 2010, now occupying 10 hectares and which contains approximately 189 national and international varieties.

The optimised management of natural resources and sustainable agricultural practises applied by Esporão, make this a forward-thinking company. Producing in a rational and responsible manner through the recovery and development of the soil’s fertility, maximising the balance between plagues and auxiliary species, reducing water consumption and using organic compost (using by-products generated by our own activity), among others, are, for Esporão, not only compatible but essentially the way to achieve better quality products.