Olive Oils

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A smooth, harmonious olive oil with a good balance of those fruity aromas typical of the Alentejo.


Olive Grove

Integrated production



2021 was an especially rainy year that completely replenished the soil’s water reserves, which is benefitted the rainfed olive groves. A especially warm spring led to early flowering and ripening, and a generous crop was harvested in October and November 2021.

Olive Processing

Shortly after harvest, the olives are shipped to the Esporão mill in Reguengos de Monsaraz where cold extraction immediately begins at room temperatures never exceeding 27ºC (80.6ºF). The fruit is rapidly ground and run through a heat exchanger to shorten extraction time and preserve the aromas. A centrifuge mechanically separates the pomace from the oil that is promptly filtered and packaged.

More Details


Fruity green and mature olives. Notes of fruit, grass, and leaves.


Fresh, slightly bitter, and spicy with a finish of dried nuts.


Excellent for cooking and frying in a wide variety of recipes including soups, baking and roasting.

Maximum Acidity

Between 0.2% and 0.3%%


250 ml   ·   500 ml   ·   750 ml   ·   3 l


Keep in a cool place and protected from light.