«Colheita is a wine made from grapes that grow in our soils, made by our people, with our climate, and which manages to show, in its essence, its purest, most genuine character. Without resorting to oak or endeavours at the winery, such as macerations and pumping. A wine that shows the grapes in their purest state.
For me, the challenge was making a wine with the same quality as the rest of the portfolio, especially Esporão Reserva and that, at the same time, was completely different, more direct. It has an earthier personality, which is why we didn’t use oak, choosing to vinify the wine in tulip-shaped concrete vats, which help maintain its essential character.
With the methods we have implemented, the grapes arriving at the winery are top quality, and our work is to preserve that quality, not to spoil the work that has been done until then and, via the wine, to transmit that to people.
Looking at the wine’s profile, we find these characteristics, the more direct, purer fruit. A rich wine without too much “make -up”. It’s a clean wine that reflects the land it comes from».