Our winery has 8 truncated cone-shaped, epoxy-lined stainless steel tanks to ferment Assobio Red and 5 cylindrical tanks for fermenting Assobio White and Rosé. The Estate’s grapes are all vinified in one of the 8 traditional granite ‘lagares’.

The cellar houses 20 epoxy-lined concrete tanks and 18 stainless steel vats to ferment Assobio wines. For Quinta dos Murças Minas, there are 2 tulip-shaped natural concrete tanks, and to mature Quinta dos Murças wines and part of the Assobio red wine batch, there are approximately 300 barrels of different sizes. Most noticeable are the two 8.500-litre vats to age Port Wine, twenty 550-litre barrels and thirty one 600-litre casks for ageing the old ports, which enable us to create the Quinta dos Murças Porto Tawny 10 years.

The temperature and humidity control system in the Quinta dos Murças cellars is one of the Estate’s most impressive and innovative features. Using only cool water from the natural springs on the Estate, combined with an underground system throughout the entire cellar, the system guarantees ecological and functional temperature control.