Winery for Red Wine
Constructed in 1987, this winery was designed to use gravity to the maximum and reduce the use of pumps, the distance between the different operations and minimise the effect on the grapes quality.

It boasts three different sections equipped with different technologies and adapted to the particular wines being produced. One of the sections is reserved for the wine Monte Velho, where the wine ferments in 44,000-litre tanks with an automatic pumping system, while a second section has 31,000-litre fermentation tanks and different pumping options for the Monte Velho and Defesa wines. A third section has a number of mechanical 16,000-litre presses equipped with automatic robotic presses which were specifically developed for intense maceration and to optimise extraction. These are reserved for Esporão Reserva and red single-varietal wines.

Winery for White Wine
Designed and built in 2002 in order to offer two different types of vinification: one for larger volume wines, like Defesa and Monte Velho, and another for the higher quality segment, like the Single Varieties, Esporão Reserva and Esporão Private Selection wines.
Boasting an efficient refrigeration system, pneumatic presses and stainless steel vats with different capacities, this winery offers us the chance to work with the grapes while respecting and enhancing the natural characteristics of the fruit.
The winery has a cellar where the white wine ferments and matures in oak, sometimes subject to bâttonage – which involves stirring the lees to give greater body and complexity.