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Red White Rose

Wine Concept

Fresh and fruity wine, obtained from blending a wide range of wines to guarantee a consistent quality.


Spring had lower temperatures and higher humidity than in previous years – ideal climatic conditions for fungal diseases in the vines, implying increased care in the vines to avoid mildew attacks. The cooler temperatures at this time of year provided a longer period of vegetative growth and, despite the heat felt since July, the beginning of the harvesting took place about 10 days later than usual. Warm temperatures continued throughout the harvest period, but the grapes arrived with excellent quality, with moderate sugar levels and acidity a little lower than the average of previous years.

Grape Varieties

Antão Vaz, Arinto, Perrum

Vinification / Maturation

Allotment, stabilization, filtration.

More Information

For this range of young and fruity wines, we select Portugal’s best grape varieties, which we then blend and bottle at Herdade do Esporão.
The diversity of their origin provides the freshness, balance and versatility that typifies this range.
These are wines that are ideal for light meals and socialising.

Wine Makers

David Baverstock and Sandra Alves


Crystal clear citric.


Fresh and lemony.


Light, balanced, youthful fruit.


375 ml   ·   750 ml   ·   3 l   ·   5 l


January 2017


13 %

Total Acidity

6 g/l



Reducing Sugar / Baumé

2 g/l