In 1947, Quinta dos Murças was the first estate in the Douro to have vertically-trained vineyards, a milestone in in the winegrowing region and in the history of the Quinta. This vineyard is the source of VV47, a rare and very limited wine (3,000 litres) that is only produced in exceptional years. VV47 is the ultimate expression of Quinta dos Murças’ terroir and is the result of a field blend of different local grape varieties from this unique and historically significant vineyard.

The vineyards that produce Margem are located by the Douro River at 140 metres altitude. The low altitude combined with the sun exposure (south and west) and peerless terroir, lend greater concentration and ripeness to the grapes. Margem is an innovative terroir wine.

Minas is produced with grapes from south-facing vineyards located at altitudes of between 110 and 300 metres. The result is a concentrated wine with ripe fruit, balanced with a freshness typical of Murças that is underlined by the springs found on its slopes.

The launch of these three new wines is the culmination of one of the project’s key goals. The Quinta was bought in 2008 for its diversity and different growing conditions, which made it possible to tell the story of a place through different wines that boast their own individual identity. This enthusiasm is shared by José Luís Moreira da Silva (resident winemaker), whose aim to know every detail about every plot, every vineyard, every piece of terroir and all the Quinta’s diversity, sure in the belief that “only in this way is it possible to understand, interpret and express the differences between the wines and their profiles”. Murças Minas, Murças Margem and Murças VV47 now complete the Quinta dos Murças range and illustrate a truly unique Douro.