“We wanted to integrate this slow process into our campaign creation process. That is why we asked a ceramist, a tile maker and a tapestry maker to create campaign visuals with their crafts, that just like Monte Velho, take many months to produce,” says Gijs van den Berg, Creative Director at KesselsKramer.  

“With this campaign, we want to bring Monte Velho closer to the people, reinforcing its attributes and sharing all the care, effort and dedication we put into every harvest. Just like Monte Velho, this is a campaign that will evolve and endure over time”, says Nuno Cabral, Esporão’s Director of Wine Brands and Markets. 

The curatorship of the craftsmen and pieces, coordinated by Felipa Almeida, lasted 1 year and, during the 6 months of implementation, Esporão’s internal content team documented the Monte Velho winemaking process and the production of the ceramics, pottery and tapestry pieces. 

This campaign includes press adverts, billboards, TV adverts, online videos and a documentary showing the parallels between the trades. The whole journey can be followed on the Monte Velho website. 

“Made Slowly in Portugal” Campaign

Agency: KesselsKramer

Craftwork curation: Felipa Almeida

Craftsmen: Dona Emília, Xico Tarefa and Manuela Guerreio from Viúva Lamego 

Filming and photography: Afonso Sousa 

Teaser Made Slowly in Portugal – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwCwdMg6wi0 

Monte Velho – Made Slowly in Portugal – https://youtu.be/3igR6y9i8OE