At a time when some reopening measures are gradually being adopted, after being forced to slow down, Esporão shares its vision, once again with the help of its staff.

This communication intends to convey renewal, energy, and extra motivation: “Launched a year ago, the campaign Slow Forward challenged us to slow down. At the time, we could not have imagined that this year, we would be forced to stop. The new cycle that now begins, with all the uncertainty it involves, is a rare opportunity to reflect and build a better society. To see this as a chance to revitalize ourselves, slowly. We have written a Letter Slow Forward, reinforcing our initial manifesto, producing the letter in a small video with the help of our staff”, states Catarina Santos, Esporão Marketing Director.

One year after the study conducted in partnership with Universidade Católica Portuguesa, which concluded that people who slow down tend to be happier, Esporão suggests making a new, slower start.