Over the years, Esporão has come to know its soils and characteristics in great detail, in order to optimise agricultural practises, thereby fulfilling the mission to make the best products from what nature provides, in a responsible and inspiring manner.
The most ancient rocks at Esporão’s Estate, which are Barrancos Schist Formation, originated from the seabed sediments formed approximately 500 million years ago. Today, the Estate has about 700 hectares of vineyards planted in seven different types of soils, as well as olive groves and other crops made possible by Organic Farming and Integrated Production methods.
At Quinta dos Murças, the soils are essentially characterised by the presence of schist rocks. The Estate has a unique location marked by the diversity of its eight terroirs (in only 48 hectares), which are duly identified and result from a combination of different altitudes, sun exposures, types of soil, vertically planted vineyards and 3.2 km of riverfront.
The Esporão 2018 diaries are available at Esporão’s Estate Wine Tourism shop.