From Esporão’s Olival dos Arrifes olive grove, with organic certification, this terroir olive oil involves a careful selection of the fruit, in order to maintain its authentic and genuine flavour. Produced from the Cobrançosa and Arbequina varieties, this olive oil offers an intense aroma, with a complexity that recalls freshly cut grass or green anana peel, moderately bitter and slightly spicy

Esporão DOP Norte Alentejano Olive Oil won the gold medal in the ‘Norte Alentejano’ (Northern Alentejo) category, and was considered the best olive oil from this protected designation of origin

The Concurso Nacional de Azeites de Portugal is the most important national olive oil competition, and its aim is to distinguish homogenous batches of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Obtained solely from mechanical processes, produced in the last 2019/2020 harvest, owned by legally recognized producers and packers, and marketed by them with an exclusive commercial reference.