Esporão Olival dos Arrifes Organic Olive Oil, from the Olival dos Arrifes olive grove at Herdade do Esporão and with organic certification, is produced using the Cobrançosa and Arbequina varieties. This olive oil is crafted from a careful selection of olives in order to preserve their authentic and genuine flavor. The aroma is complex and slightly spicy, with floral touches and a nutty finish.

Esporão Cordovil Olive Oil is a monovarietal produced from green olives that offer bitter and spicy sensations, typical of Cordovil, a variety that is highly prevalent in the Moura region.

Esporão Selecção Olive Oil is produced from a careful selection of the best Cobrançosa olives. The selection of the fruit, from the field to the olive mill, and the combination of different levels of ripeness within the same variety, give us an olive oil that is very complex, elegant and persistent.

With unique and distinguishing features, Esporão olive oils are 100% local, produced from 100% Alentejo olives, crafted 100% at the Herdade do Esporão Olive Mill in a 100% sustainable manner.