The project Esporão & A Comida Portuguesa a Gostar Dela Própria (Portuguese Cuisine Enjoying Itself) was launched at the end of 2015 with director Tiago Pereira, the Esporão team and collaboration by chef André Magalhães, travelling across Portugal in search of the roots of our gastronomy: traditions, methods and recipes passed down from generation to generation through oral expression – a shared memory, song or story. Culinary customs and traditions that are so rich and distinctive in such a small territory.

It all began in the Algarve, in the first episode, with a lesson by Mr. Toni Coelho on Litão, a traditional fish from the Olhão and Ria Formosa area, and a recipe for Litão & Seaweed Cataplana, by chef André Magalhães.

This ethnographical archive of Portuguese cuisine, which already includes 18 episodes and 59 short videos that record the voices of the residents of more than 50 locations visited and their traditional recipes, is available to everyone on the YouTube channel and Esporão website.

Each episode includes the participation of a chef who is invited to share his or her interpretation of a recipe, using regional ingredients, many of which are unfamiliar to the general public. In the 18 episodes, we received the participation and knowledge of the chefs José Júlio Vintém, Vítor Claro, André Magalhães, Bertílio Gomes, Hugo Brito, Inês Dinis, João Rodrigues, José Pinheiro, Júlio Pereira, Marco Gomes, Margarida Rego, Pedro Pena Bastos, Renato Cunha, Rodrigo Castelo, Rui Oliveira, and Rui Paula. And there is more to come.

Catarina Santos, Marketing Manager at Esporão, believes that “as wine and olive oil producers, we also embrace the commitment to acquire knowledge about an element that is inextricable from these – our Gastronomy. Through this project, we strive to preserve a culinary memory and diversity that is less visible in our daily lives; to amplify what makes us unique in this field; to reinforce our identity and authenticity; and in the end, to inspire people to build a future that is more solid thanks to the knowledge they have accumulated”.

Various contributions have inspired us to continue this project, such as Maria Cabrita Neto de Messines’ sweet potato fitters recipe (, Sardine Cake (, or the “capado” roast by chef Rodrigo Castelo from Santarém  (


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