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2022 was a challenging year. High temperatures during flowering and greater than normal spring rainfalls  gave way to a hot, extremely dry summer leading to a considerable drop in crop size. The rainfed groves suffered from the lack of rain, while the shortfalls in irrigated groves were less severe.  The harvest took place in October, November and December in order to pick each olive at its optimal state of ripeness.

Olive Processing

The olives are transported to the Esporão mill within hours of harvesting, where processing immediately begins. Temperature-controlled extraction (maximum 26 ºC) begins with a quick pressing of the fruit, followed by a rapid passage through the active exchanger to shorten extraction times and preserve the olives’ aromas. A mechanical centrifuge separates the pomace from the oil that is immediately filtered and bottled.

More Details


Fruity with aromas of green and ripe olives. With fruit, herb and leaf notes.


Fresh, slightly bitter and spicy, with a nutty finish.


Versatile, ideal for seasoning, cooking and frying, seasoning soups and oven dishes.

Maximum Acidity



750 ml   ·   3 l


In a cool place, protected from sunlight.