Olive Oils

Quinta dos Murças

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This terroir olive oil is delicate, floral, and elegant and is organically produced from Galega and Negrinha de Freixo olives at our Quinta das Murças grove.


Olive Grove

Organic production


Galega, Negrinha de Freixo


2021 was a year marked by large fluctuations in temperature and rainfall in the spring followed by a cooler and wetter summer than normal. The groves benefitted from the water reserves and our Quinta dos Murças olive grove registered record production levels at the harvest in November 2021.

Olive Processing

After the harvest, the olives are received in boxes at the mill where extraction immediately begins. The fruit is rapidly ground in stone mills and then subject to slow, low temperature beating to separate the pulp from the oil, while preserving its aromas. A decanter removes the oil from the pomace before centrifugation discharges moisture and other impurities. Light filtering ensures all the flavors and aromas are retained for packaging.

More Details


Notes of ripe fruit, lime zest, aromatic herbs, jasmine, lavender, almond husk, and ripe tomato.


Sweet and fluid with lingering almond notes and it finishes with a touch of spice.


Ideal for delicate fish, or sweets like ice cream or sponge cake.

Maximum Acidity



500 ml


Keep in a cool place and protected from light.