Our winemaker, José Luis, travelled to Brazil and the USA to present the new Quinta dos Murças wines (Minas, Margem and VV47).

«Between Brazil and the United States, I visited São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Boston, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and Birmingham, where I felt people were very interested in discovering and knowing more about Portuguese wines, our grape varieties, identity and what sets us apart ».

In Brazil, there are cultural and historical links that obviously bring us closer, however, in the United States, the challenge is greater, as well as the fact that it’s easier to find wines from all over the world there.

Presenting the new wines helps illustrate the Quinta’s own identity, its diversity, its characteristics and different terroirs. There’s always great surprise when we start revealing more about the Quinta. Having the Douro’s first vertical vineyards, 8 different terroirs over 50 hectares and predominantly vertical vineyards are the most surprising aspects. Then there’s the major identification with our efforts for sustainability and organic farming.

I went to various lunches and dinners, getting the chance to try the wines with the most traditional dishes from each country and, although the food was very different, the wines paired well in both Brazil and the USA, due to the wines’ freshness, acidity and concentration, which make them very versatile with food.

It was a very important trip.  I won’t forget the welcome we got and how our wines were appreciated. I’m sure we’ll be back».