Producing Monte Velho has been a daily challenge since 1990. Created with the same philosophy and origin as Esporão Reserva, it was designed to reach more people and make daily wine consumption a new experience, year after year.

Improving quality has been a basic requirement when producing this wine. From integrated agriculture, how we treat our vineyards and those of our suppliers, to the work done at the winery during the grape harvest, we are committed to making Monte Velho a benchmark in the region.

This year, which also marks Monte Velho’s 25th vintage, we decided bring it closer to the region where it is made, replicating the intricate designs of the traditional Reguengos de Monsaraz rugs on the 2015 label.

Alentejo rugs, which were originally used by shepherds to keep themselves warm, are now employed as decorative tapestries, having become a symbol of the Alentejo, as well as an integral part of the region’s cultural identity.

Produced according to the region’s winegrowing tradition, the variety of grapes and vinification techniques demonstrate the character of the region from whence it comes: rich aromas, a smooth palate and an excellent gastronomic bent.
As a tribute to that identity and our heritage, we have combined both the wine and rugs in Monte Velho 2015.