The Big Day Esporão brings the Douro to the Alentejo

The Big Day Esporão brings the Douro to the Alentejo

There were many activities taking place all over Herdade do Esporão on the Big Day 2016. Amongst the various wine tastings, the Quinta dos Murças Tasting was a new feature that surprised all those present, with both sessions sold out.

Our winemaker José Luís Moreira da Silva focussed on the past, present and future of Quinta dos Murças wines, on a journey through time amongst the aroma and flavours of a place as special as the Douro.

He began by presenting the Quinta and the region, recalling some of the older wines, like Murças 2004, in the morning session, and Murças 1996, in the afternoon. Both have developed considerably and are good examples of the Douro profile, particularly for their freshness.

Esporão’s role at Quinta dos Murças began in 2008, with the first wine, which never made it to the market. It was this that made us believe even more firmly in the estate’s potential, because of the wine’s balance of freshness and concentration, which indicated the main characteristics of Murças that we identify with.

We jump from the past back to the present with the presentation of the latest Murças Reserva. Murças Reserva 2011 expresses the Quinta’s terroir. Produced with a strict selection of grapes from old vines, it actually forms a link to the past, boasting a more classic style that shows off the more traditional side of the Douro.

“This connection is very important for us, when we think about the future. We don’t want to look ahead without looking back. The past and history drives our innovation and development, and this wine expresses exactly that”. José Luís Moreira da Silva.

Our Assobio wines highlight the fresher side of the Douro, of higher altitudes and the protection from the sun that produces aromatic, fresh and elegant wines. Our winemaker asked participants to try Assobio Rosé 2015 and Assobio Red 2014.
During the tasting, those present enjoyed the exclusive opportunity to discover not only the most recent work at Quinta dos Murças, but also what will be done in the future.

Our winemaker has been undertaking a number of experiments with our Douro vineyards and, as a result, has created new wines and “out of the box” projects, such as Orange 2015, Minas 2015 and Margem 2015, which were tasted and left everybody looking forward to more.


Duck Magret with Berry Reduction

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