The starry sky over Esporão Tower

The starry sky over Esporão Tower

In late 2015, Miguel Claro’s lens gave Esporão Tower a different allure.

The astrophotographer, author and communicator of scientific knowledge has captured the Milky Way seen from the Tower at Herdade do Esporão. The magnificent result is a clear reflection of what Miguel believes: “In the enchantment of the night, the landscape reveals the magic of the Universe.”
This magic has been taking shape for over 10 years in the quest for union between Heaven and Earth, while always appreciating architectural heritage. Miguel Claro’s celestial images already include countless perspectives and scenarios that highlight landscape and cultural heritage while emphasising the magnificence and ineffability of our galaxy. Skies such as those above the ruins of the Roman City of Ammaia and the Stone Circle of Xerez, among many others, would make anyone’s imagination fly.
“Dragged Milky Way above the Historical Tower of Esporão”
© Miguel Claro | Dark Sky® Alqueva / Herdade Esporão
These impressive photographs never end in the brevity of a moment; a series of images immortalise the movement of celestial bodies in a way that very few see. Some even remind us of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

If we visit his personal website, the reason behind the photographer’s passion is clear; a passion which now includes two historic buildings from Herdade do Esporão, where we can also be dazzled by the sky over the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Chapel.

Many of these celestial shows are captured in the sky of the Dark Sky® Alqueva Reserve – the First Tourist Destination in the World certified as “Starlight Tourism Destination”, of which Miguel is the official astrophotographer and which includes Herdade do Esporão. To visit the new work “Dark Sky Alqueva – A Star Destination”, and find out where the next astrophotography workshop with Fotonature will be held, the best thing is to visit the website:

The Milky Way from Esporão Tower:
A Milky Way stretching across the sky rising above the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Chapel:
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“Milky Way dragged above the historical chapel of Esporão”
© Miguel Claro | Dark Sky® Alqueva / Herdade Esporão