The Perdigões Archaeological Complex

The Perdigões Archaeological Complex

In 1996, when we decided to till land to plant a new vineyard at Herdade dos Perdigões (near Reguengos de Monsaraz), we inadvertently came across an archaeological complex that we later discovered was built between 3500 and 2000 BC.

Curiosity and a desire to discover more about our culture meant that we halted the vineyard preparations and began the Perdigões archaeological project, a unique example of a private project in Portugal.

With this important scientific project, excavation after excavation, we have learned more about the activities of the people who lived there 5,000 years ago, what utensils they used, how they organised themselves, how they dealt with death, how they built their houses, how they handled the unknown.

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Made up of concentric circles carved from the centre that culminate in a geometric centre and occupying a total area of 16 hectares, the Perdigões Archaeological Complex revealed a necropolis and megalithic ceremonial grounds. This important site has aroused interest from the international scientific community, becoming a benchmark for research in European prehistory.

The Esporão Tower houses the museum that recounts this story, with over 200 pieces of great archaeological value on show.