Our obsession with quality starts with the harvest phase and the quick transportation of the olives to the press in small boxes that prevent the olives from fermenting or being crushed.

As soon as they arrive, the exclusively Portuguese olives are selected and separated according to variety, quality and origin. Next, they are weighed and washed before centrifugal extraction. After being milled, and during beating, we are careful to protect and restrict the contact of the olives with the air, to avoid oxidisation.

The paste is softly beaten at low temperatures (maximum 27ºC) ensuring the aromas and flavours are maintained, then the oil is rapidly extracted. We use ecological horizontal centrifuges that limit the production of effluents and come equipped with automatic cleaning that ensures the process is totally hygienic.

At this stage, the Esporão olive oil is ready to be stored in 22,000 and 55,000-litre insulated tanks, awaiting the final phase which consists of creating the different blends of virgin and extra-virgin oil before bottling.