From the countryside to the city

At Esporão No Porto, we’ve shortened the distance between the countryside and the city and brought the earth’s pace to everyday’s routine.

Through our products and traditional cuisine, focused on ingredients and their seasonality, we value an exchange of experiences and time.

There is “time” to find out, between a glass of wine and a meal.

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Esporão No Porto is still closed but we have something to share with you. We’ve designed a new offer, adapted to this context, that brings Esporão to your home safely and complying with all the safety measures. We have opened our store with take away and home delivery services.

Orders and more information regarding safety measures here.

Esporão opens its doors at 501, Rua do Almada, in Porto.

Esporão No Porto leaves its mark in the city with an even more accessible and direct experience, related to its products and culture.

With a restaurant, shop, and tastings of wine, olive oil, and beer always available, this new place has calmness at its core and it will be full of unique flavors to share with friends and family.

Esporão No Porto has an exclusive menu inspired in Portuguese traditional dishes – where the product, the region and the season are central – and it is from the responsibility of a local kitchen staff coordinated by Chef Carlos Teixeira. Uncomplicated and authentic dishes, specially conceived for this new place, perfect to enjoy with Esporão’s wines, olive oils, and beers.

Besides the tastings, lunch hours and dinner time, it will be possible to get some snacks in the afternoons, to take with you a bag with bread and olive oil or to participate in workshops and special tastings, all part of a monthly cultural program inspired in Esporão’s culture and values and in the local community.

Come find Porto with us.

Esporão No Porto
Esporão No Porto
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