With the aim of creating debate in society about the need to slow down these days, we invited Carl Honoré, international journalist and renowned specialist and researcher of the benefits of the slow lifestyle to join this conversation that will be attended by Dr. José Roquette, founder of Esporão.

In this context we challenged the Portuguese Catholic University to develop a study on the adoption and impact of the slow lifestyle in Portugal and in our lives that we are going to present together with Professor Ricardo Ferreira Reis – Director of the Center for Applied Studies of the Catholic Lisbon School of Business & Economics of the Portuguese Catholic University – on May 14 at the Centro Cultural de Belém.

The conversation will be open to the public and conducted in English.

Seats are limited. Book your seats through the email: press.info@esporao.com.

Slow Talks
May 14, 09:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Centro Cultural de Belém, Sala Jorge de Sena.