Olive Oils

Quinta dos Murças Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Concept

Oil produced from the olive varieties Galega and Negrinha de Freixo in organic production, with the olive groves currently under conversion process.

Olive Grove

Integrated Production

The olive groves of the Murças farm are located at the ends of the vineyard area, near the Douro River in a lower level. Tradicional olive grove with old trees and not mechanized rainfed, which is reflected in low productivity. The predominant varieties are Galega e Negrinha de Freixo. Olive grove in organic production, not being made any phytosanitary treatment. Harvesting is done with electric pickings.


Galega, Negrinha de Freixo


The beginning of the campaign was characterized by warm temperatures and high relative humidity with a propensity to diseases, making the selection of fruits and quick harvest an operation of utmost importance for obtaining high quality olive oil. It was a year of poor production, because it is old olives and part of the grove was pruned reducing the production of olives this year. The gathering took place during the month of November 2013.


The olives were shipped in boxes, and received at the mill immediately after harvest being processed. The extraction begins with a rapid milling of the olives with a stone mill.

Following the milling, the resulting slurry is subjected to a slow rate to allow the exit of oil from pulp cells. Then follows to the decanter where the oil is separated from the pomace and water, obtaining an olive oil, still with some moisture and impurities.

The oil is cleaned by centrifugation being ready to be filtered and packaged. The entire process takes place at temperatures below 27 ºC, so the original fruit flavours are not lost during extraction.

More Details

Annual Production

1.600 Lt


Green tint.


Green and ripe fruity, complex with notes of herbs and almonds.


Ripe fruity, spicy and quite sweet with aftertaste of dried fruits including walnut, very harmonious and complex.

Use and Pairing

Very elegant olive oil, with light organoleptic characteristics. Should be used ambient temperature, ideal to finish a dish, an entree plate or even with a dessert like a chocolate mousse or orange with honey and mint.

Maximum Acidity



500 ml


To preserve the olive oil’s quality, keep the bottle in a cool place, away from the light and with the cap screwed tight.