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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Concept

Olive oil from the Arrifes grove at Herdade do Esporão, made from the Cobrançosa and Arbequina varieties, which are grown using organic production methods. Careful selection of the olives, from the field to the press, ensures an authentic and genuine olive oil, bursting with aromas and flavours.


The New York International Olive Oil Competition – Best in Class

Olive Grove

Organic Production

Planted in stony soil at Herdade do Esporão, the Arrifes olive grove boasts a total area of 80.41 hectares, 56.68 hectares of Cobrançosa and 23.73 hectares of Arbequina. The olive grove has been certified as using organic production methods since 2009, in order to establish a sustainable agriculture system that produces high-quality olive oil with processes that are not harmful to the environment and human health, as well as encouraging ecosystem biodiversity.


Arbequina, Cobrançosa


The start of the season saw mild temperatures during the summer and heavy rain at the end, which lasted until early autumn, creating conditions favourable to olive fruit fly and Gloeosporium olivarum disease. It was a year of poor yields and early ripening, in which the beginning and speed of the harvest were crucial to obtaining this top-quality olive oil, where the olives were picked between October and mid-November.


The harvest is done by hand with the help of vibrating tools. The olives are transported separately, according to variety, delivered to the Esporão olive press the same day they were picked and processed immediately.

Extraction begins with the rapid milling of the olives. Following the milling, the resulting paste is beaten slowly to allow the oil to seep from the pulp.

The paste then goes to the decanter where the oil is separated from the pomace and the water, producing an olive oil that still contains humidity and impurities. It is cleaned using centrifugation, before being filtered and bottled.

The entire process takes place at temperatures below 27 ºC, so the original flavours are not lost during extraction. As an organic product, the olives require careful selection from the grove to the press.

More Details

Annual Production

18.000 Lt


Greenish hue, due to the use of green olives.


Very balanced, fruity, freshly-cut grass, green tomato, banana peel and ripe banana.


Harmonious, slightly spicy and bitter, a hint of astringency with a nutty finish.

Use and Pairing

For people looking for something genuine and full of flavour. Should be used cold, ideal for boiled vegetables, steamed or grilled food, lean fish and various salads.

Maximum Acidity



250 ml   ·   500 ml   ·   3 l


Keep in a cool place, away from strong light.