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Virgin Olive Oil

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Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Concept

Olive oil resulting from the mixing of several traditional olive varieties of Alentejo, characterized by discreet aromas and very mild profile.

Olive Grove

We have selected 1.000 ha of olive groves in Alentejo, where the olive tree cultivation has existed for several generation. Part of this olive grove follows the traditional system. However, the younger groves are laid down in a more intensive method. In the traditional system, most of the olive trees have more than 100 years old, with an arrangement of wide spacing between trees. In the intensive system, newer plantations have less space between trees resulting in medium-sized trees more adapted to the mechanical harvest.




This harvest began two weeks sooner than the previous year. The hot weather and the absence of rain raised concerns over the fruit caliber and dehydration, mainly on non-irrigated olive groves. In the irrigated groves, production is higher as well as the yeld in general. The harvest occurred between October 2017 and January 2018.


The olives are transported and received at the Herdade do Esporão mill in Reguengos de Monsaraz a few hours after being harvested and are processed immediately.

Extraction begins by grinding the fruit rapidly. After being ground, the resulting paste is churned briefly at very low temperatures in order to enable the olive oil to be released from the pulp cells and preserve the aromas that characterise this olive oil. The paste is then sent to the decanter where the olive oil is separated from the pomace and water, resulting in an olive oil that still contains some moisture and impurities.

The olive oil is cleaned by centrifugation and is then immediately filtered and packaged.

More Details


Yellowish green.


Ripe fruit.


Sweet, slightly bitter and spicy.

Use and Pairing

Olive oil with low intensity aromas, vastly used in cooking. Given its adaptation to withstanding high temperatures is often used in stews, sautées and fried foods.

Maximum Acidity



3 l


To better preserve the characteristics of this natural olive oil, we recommend storage in a cool place protected from sunlight.