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Virgin Olive Oil

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Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Concept

Olive oil resulting from a combination of several varieties of traditional Alentejo olives, characterised by its discreet aromas and extremely smooth profile.

Olive Grove

We selected 1,000 hectares of olive groves in the Alentejo, where olive growing has existed for generations. Part of this olive grove follows the traditional system, while the newer olive groves are intensively farmed. Under the traditional system, many olive trees are over 100 years old. They are laid out with wide spaces between the trees, which are of large size. Under the intensive system, smaller planting distances are used in the new plantations, resulting in medium-sized trees more adapted to mechanical harvesting.




The year 2016 was characterised by an absence of cold, causing low floral differentiation, with very high temperatures in summer and rainy periods in the flowering period. The consequences were low setting rates, around a 15-day delay in the growing cycle and lower fat content. The harvest took place between October 2016 and January 2017.


The olives are transported separated by varieties and received at the Esporão oil mill a few hours after harvest, and are immediately processed.

Extraction begins with the rapid milling of the fruit. Following milling, the resulting pulp is subjected to a slow threshing so as to permit the release of the oil from the pulp cells.

The pulp continues to the decanter, where the olive oil is separated from the olive press-cake and water, resulting in an olive oil that still contains some moisture and impurities. The oil is cleaned by centrifugation, and is thus ready to be filtered and packaged.

More Details

Annual Production

350.000 Lt


Yellowish green.


Mature fruitiness.


Sweet, slightly bitter and spicy.

Use and Pairing

Olive oil with low intensity aromas widely used in food preparation. Given its suitability to withstand high temperatures, it is commonly used in stews, broths and fried foods.

Maximum Acidity



3 l


To better preserve the characteristics of this natural olive oil, storage in a cool place protected from light is recommended.