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Virgin Olive Oil

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Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Concept

An olive oil resulting from the combination of several traditional varieties of Alentejo, characterized by its discrete aromas and great smoothness profile.

Olive Grove

Integrated Production

We have selected 600 hectares family-run olive holdings in the Baixo Alentejo region, where there have been olive cultures for generations, partly using a traditional system and partly an intensive one. In the traditional system the olive trees are over 100 years old with large spaces between the trees, which allow them to grow freely. In the intensive system, the new groves, particularly the Cordovil and Cobrançosa cultures, have smaller gaps between the trees, which means they grow less and are more suited to mechanical harvesting. Integrated production is predominant, which is based on the use of auxiliary fauna (fungi, insect parasitoids, ladybirds) to control olive pests and diseases.


Cobrançosa, Cordovil, Galega, Verdeal


The beginning of the campaign was characterized by warm temperatures and high relative humidity, which provided an environment conducive to diseases, making the selection of fruits and speed in harvesting an operation of utmost importance to obtain a quality olive oil. However this year was a year of great olive production, higher than the usual average. The harvest took place between November 2013 and January 2014.


The olives are transported separately, according to variety, and received at the Esporão olive press just a few hours after being picked and are processed immediately.

The extraction begins with the rapid milling of the olives. Following the milling, the resulting paste is beaten slowly to allow the oil to seep from the pulp. The resulting paste is beaten slowly to allow the oil to seep from the pulp.

In the decanter the oil is separated from the pomace and water, resulting an olive oil with some moisture and impurities. The oil is cleaned by centrifugation thus being ready to be filtered and then packed. The entire process takes place at temperatures below 27ºC, so the original flavours are not lost during extraction.

More Details

Annual Production

200.000 Lt


Green yellowish.


Mature fruity.


Fresh, slightly bitter, something spicy.

Use and Pairing

Olive oil with aromas of very low intensity used in food preparation. Given its adaptation to withstand high temperatures, is commonly used for frying.

Maximum Acidity



3 l


To preserve the olive oil’s quality, keep the bottle in a cool place, away from the light and with the cap screwed tight.