Olive Oils

Quinta dos Murças Olive Oil 2015

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Concept

Olive oil produced from varieties of Galego and Negrinha de Freixo olives under organic production.

Olive Grove

Organic Production

The Quinta dos Murças olive grove is located at the edge of the vineyards near the Douro River, at lower elevation, with slopes so high that access becomes difficult. Although having unique characteristics, the traditional, non-mechanised and rainfed olive grove, which boasts trees over 50 years old, offers low levels of productivity. The olive grove is certified for organic production, and therefore no phytosanitary treatment is given and the harvest is carried out manually.


Galega, Negrinha de Freixo


This crop year was characterised by a dry summer with high temperatures, weather conditions that lasted until mid-autumn, leading to a weak development of the olive fly. These abnormally high temperatures, along with some humidity in the early harvest, created optimum conditions for the development of anthracnose, a disease that is highly detrimental to the quality of the olive, and to which these two varieties are highly sensitive.

The speed of the harvest was crucial for obtaining high quality olive oils, so picking began in early November 2015.


The olives were transported in crates and received in the oil mill after the harvest, and were processed immediately. Extraction begins with the rapid milling of the fruit in stone mills.

Following milling, the resulting pulp is subjected to a short threshing at low temperatures so as to permit the release of the oil from the pulp cells and to preserve the characteristic flavours.

The pulp continues to the decanter, where the olive oil is separated from the olive press-cake and water, resulting in an olive oil that still contains some moisture and impurities. The oil is cleaned by centrifugation, and is thus ready to be filtered and packaged. Filtration is light in order to retain all its aromas and flavours.

More Details

Annual Production

1.400 Lt


Green hue.


Green fruit, complex, with hints of herbs, freshly cut grass, tomato vine, green almond shell and lavender.


Ripe, green fruit, not very spicy and very sweet with an aftertaste of dried fruit – nuts – very harmonious and complex.

Use and Pairing

A very elegant olive oil, with soft organoleptic characteristics. It should be used cold, ideal to finish a dish, a starter or even a dessert, such as a chocolate mousse or orange with honey.

Maximum Acidity



500 ml


To better preserve the characteristics of this natural olive oil, storage in a cool place protected from light is recommended.