Olive Oils


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Terroir olive oil produced from the Cobrançosa and Arbequina varieties grown in our Arrifes olive grove, under organic production methods. The olives are carefully selected from the field to the mill, resulting in an authentic and genuine olive oil full of aromas and flavours.



2020, New York International Olive Oil Competition – Gold
2020, Concurso Nacional de Azeites – Melhor do Mercado/Gold

2019, New York International Olive Oil Competition – Gold
2019, Concurso Nacional de Azeites – Melhor do Mercado/Gold
2019, Olive Japan – Ouro

2018, Concurso Nacional de Azeites – Melhor do Mercado/Gold

2017, New York International Olive Oil Competition – Gold
2017, Evooleum / Evoo Awards – 88 pts
2017, AVPA – Diplome Gourmet
2017, Athena International Olive Oil Competition – Bronze

Olive Grove

The Arrifes olive grove, planted at Herdade do Esporão, has a planting distance of 7 x 5 m and a total area of 80.41 ha, of which 56.68 ha contain the Cobrançosa variety and 23.73 ha the Arbequina variety. The olive grove received Organic Production Certification in 2009, in order to implement a sustainable agricultural system that produces high quality olives using production processes that are not harmful to the environment or human health, while also fostering the ecosystem’s biodiversity. The entire olive grove is watered using a drip irrigation system that is closely monitored to ensure efficient water use. Soil conservation is carried out by maintaining the existing groundcover.


Cobrançosa, Arbequina


Due to the weather conditions during the vegetative cycle, we realised early on that ripening was considerably advanced, although yields were substantially below this olive grove’s average. This was an off-season harvest with output losses of around 70%. In the flowering stage, mild temperatures enabled early blooming, while the precipitation made some flowers abort, resulting in such a significant drop. 

Initially, the harvest got off to a slow start and high humidity created the ideal environment for anthracnose to develop (a fungus that affects olive quality and rapidly increases acidity). Clearly aware of this problem, the harvest picked up speed and the fruit’s quality was guaranteed.

The 2020 harvest took place between October and the first two weeks of November.


The olives were transported in trailers, delivered to the Esporão olive mill just minutes after being picked, and processed immediately. Extraction begins by grinding the fruit rapidly. After being ground, the resulting paste is chilled, which was extremely important this year given the high temperatures at the beginning of the harvest. Brief malaxation follows, a system that shortens the extraction time and preserves the distinctive aromas of the varieties that characterise this olive oil. The paste is then sent to the decanter where the olive oil is separated from the pomace and water, resulting in an olive oil that still contains some humidity and impurities. The olive oil is cleaned by centrifugation and then immediately filtered and packaged. Because this is an organic olive oil, careful separation is required, from the field to the bottle.Cold extraction process, never exceeding 24ºC.

More Details


Greenish hue resulting from the use of green olives.


A complex olive oil, with aromas of freshly cut grass, artichoke, kale, grapefruit peel and almond shells


Medium intensity, complex, a bitter, persistent and spicy start, with a sweet and nutty finish.


For those seeking a genuine product full of flavour. This olive oil should be served cold, ideal for steamed vegetables, fresh pasta, steamed or grilled dishes, lean fish and various salads.

Maximum Acidity



250 ml   ·   500 ml


To better preserve the characteristics of this natural olive oil, we recommend storage in a cool place protected from sunlight. May thicken in cold temperatures.