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Cordovil Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Concept

Monovarietal olive oil made from green olives offering bitter and spicy sensations, characteristics of the Cordovil, a variety highly representative of the Moura area.

Olive Grove

We selected the best producers of the Cordovil variety in Alentejo, where olive growing has existed for generations. The production system used is Integrated Production, which is based on more environmentally sustainable growing practices and the use of fauna to assist in the control of pests and diseases that affect the olive tree.




The year 2016 was characterised by an absence of cold, causing low floral differentiation, with very high temperatures in summer and rainy periods during the flowering stage. The consequences were low setting rates, around a 15-day delay in the growing cycle and lower fat content. The Cordovil is a late-maturing variety offering a high olive oil yield. To obtain this superior quality olive oil, the olives were harvested at an early stage of ripeness, resulting in an olive oil that fully represents the features of the variety. The harvest took place during the month of November.


The olives of the Cordovil variety are transported and received at the Esporão oil mill in Reguengos de Monsaraz, a few hours after harvest, and are immediately processed.

Extraction begins with the rapid milling of the fruit. Following milling, the resulting pulp is subjected to a short threshing at a very low temperature so as to permit the release of the oil from the pulp cells and to preserve the characteristic flavours of this variety, which characterise this olive oil.

The pulp continues to the decanter, where the olive oil is separated from the olive press-cake and water, resulting in an olive oil that still contains some moisture and impurities. The olive oil is cleaned by means of centrifugation and immediately filtered and then packaged.

More Details

Annual Production

10.000 Lt


Yellowish green.


Medium to intense fruitiness, with hints of leaf, artichoke, pine, broom, lime, lemon grass and green tea.


A growing and persistent freshness, bitterness and spiciness, a certain astringency of banana peel and green almonds shells, with a finishing touch of dried fruit, which gives it a sweet persistence.

Use and Pairing

Olive oil with intense organoleptic characteristics suitable for accompanying foods with mild flavours. Ideal for tomato salads, pasta, tapas and lean fish.

Maximum Acidity



500 ml


To better preserve the characteristics of this natural olive oil, storage in a cool place protected from light is recommended.