A Journey Through Portuguese Gastronomy

A Journey Through Portuguese Gastronomy

Following “A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria”, filmmaker Tiago Pereira bonds with Esporão in “A Comida Portuguesa a Gostar dela Própria”, a new project to raise awareness to the Portuguese gastronomy heritage.

Together, we embrace the challenge of building a digital library as a result of an ethnographic approach to Portuguese cuisine. This project fulfills another step in our mission to preserve the memory and the Portuguese intangible heritage, with the sharing of traditions of our gastronomy and a new contemporary look: 15 portuguese chefs are invited to create their original and creative version of traditional and regional recipes.

We revisited the regions of the country with Tiago Pereira, unmasking the hidden wealth of cultural and culinary diversity to give them the deserved visibility. Join us in this trip through the traditional flavors of our country.

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The Vineyards

More than 450 hectares of vineyard, planted in prime areas of agricultural production Esporão.