The restaurant supplies are almost exclusively local ingredients, highlighted in the menu.

We work with menus designed to offer our diners a unique experience. The dishes are made with ingredients from the estate and local producers, closely following the cycle of each season, which implies frequent changes to the menu, without notice.

These (individual) menus are available for reservations for up to 6 people.

Include water, appetisers and coffee.

When making a reservation, please tell us about any food restrictions.

VAT included

If you have any doubts or just want to book a table, please contact us via the following e-mail address:


Menu 70€
Wine Flight 30€
Wine Pairing 20€
Cheeses 10€

Choose between one of the two meat plates (Alentejo Pork neck or 75 days aged old cow sirloin).

Our menus are subject to frequent changes, without notice.

Bonito tuna, fava beans and savoury broth

4 years old oyster, cabagges and seaweed vinegar

Wild turbot, courgette, mussels and wallnuts

Alentejo pork neck, mousserons, kale tops and wild fennel

Butternut squash, bergamot leaf and juniper

Pear, tosted seeds and chamomile

The Time of the Land

Menu 90€
Wine Flight 40€
Wine Pairing 30€
Cheeses 10€

Our menus are subject to frequent changes, without notice.

Bonito tuna, fava bean and savoury broth

Pink prawn, iberian caviar, onions with lavender and wild fennel

Egg and herbs patty, mousserons, nasturtium and moss

4 years old oyster, cabagges and seaweed vinegar

Wild turbot, courgette, mussels and wallnuts

Alentejo pork jowl, jerusalem artichoke and lovage

75 days aged old cow sirloin, toasted celeriac and onions

Butternut squash, bergamot leaf and juniper

Pear, toasted seeds and chamomile