Esporão Restaurant

We emphasise simple flavours, top-quality and seasonal ingredients.
We offer unique cuisine in perfect harmony with nature.
We seek a place in today’s world, combining modern knowledge and respect for tradition.
Here, we return to our ancestral roots.
We try to make the most of everything that the land gives us every day.

We experience the Time of the Land.


Set against Herdade do Esporão’s tranquil landscape, the restaurant has an outward focus, using local materials that define the architecture, favouring both authenticity and comfort. On the main wall of the restaurant, as well as throughout the building, you can admire the original paintings made to illustrate the labels that have adorned the Herdade do Esporão bottles since 1985.

We recommend reservations with some advance.

The Restaurant closes every Monday.

(+351) 266 509 280

Restaurant Menus

The restaurant supplies are almost exclusively local ingredients, highlighted in the menu.

We work with menus designed to offer our diners a unique experience. The dishes are made with ingredients from the Herdade and local producers, closely following the cycle of each season, which implies frequent changes to the menu.

These (individual) menus are available for reservations for up to 6 people.

Include water, appetisers and coffee. Children’s and vegetarian menus are always available.

When making a reservation, please tell us about any food restrictions.

VAT included

If you have any doubts or just want to book a table, please contact us via the following e-mail address:


Menu 70€
Wine Flight 30€
Wine Pairing 20€
Cheeses 10€

Choose between one of the two meat plates – Alentejo Lamb or Aged Entrecôte

Striped mackerel, mandarine, cucumber and savoury broth

Egg and herbs patty, girolles, nasturtium and moss

Line caught sea bass, courgette, mussels and wallnuts

Alentejo lamb, ewe’s milk curd, brussels sprouts and pear with black tea

75 days aged Sirloin, toasted celeriac and onions

Butternut squash, bergamo and pumpkin seed

Cocoa, lovage and pine

The Time of the Land

Menu 90€
Wine Flight 40€
Wine Pairing 30€
Cheeses 10€
Squid, iberian caviar, chicken skin and grilled pepper oil

Striped mackerel, mandarine, cucunber and savoury broth

Egg and herbs patty, girolles, nasturtium and moss

Oyster, white asparagus, lemongrass and finger lime

Wild turbot, cauliflower, burnt cream sauce and buckwheat

Alentejo Pork jowl, jerusalem artichoke and lovage

75 days aged Sirloin, toasted celeriac and onions

Butternut squash, bergamot leaf and pumpkin seed

Pear, toasted seeds and chamomile

Vegetarian Menu

Menu  60€
Cheeses 10€
green apple and seaweed vinegar

brussel sprouts and buckwheat

grilled onions, burn butter and mushroom broth

pied mouton, pickled egg and truffles

bergamot and juniper

lovage and pine


The team is made up of cooks with different experiences of the world. Led by Chef Pedro Pena Bastos, they take traditional Alentejo dishes that extra mile to offer you unique culinary adventures.
Esporão Restaurant
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(+351) 266 509 280
“Being able to produce and control in loco at Herdade do Esporão, in our kitchen garden and with our animals, some of the ingredients we work with, is crucial to the approach we have adopted. This deep-rooted and daily knowledge of produce is something we intend to maintain and transmit. Traditions also boast other perspectives that inspire new cooking techniques and methods, which can be combined with the principles we adopt. We aim to offer a high-quality, unique experience, where the place itself is important in every aspect.”

The Spaces


The ample terrace of the Herdade’s restaurant ends where the vineyard begins, offering a panoramic view of the lake. It is ideal for alfresco dining while enjoying the long sunny days of the Alentejo, as well as the tranquillity of a landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see.
Open for lunch, between noon and 3 p.m.


The restaurant, wine bar and shop terraces offer a unique connection to both the dam and vineyards, as well as the wineries.

Functioning as an extension of the building, the patio and surrounding garden are both cool and calm, places where seasonal flowers and plants reign and which provide much-needed shade in summer, while enhancing the winter light that reflects off the water.

The edge of the garden has a portico with “casas de fresco” built with grill bricks and a footpath that extends to the neighbouring landscape, as well as the vineyard, reservoir and mountains.

Kitchen Garden

Alentejo’s rich gastronomy is based on simple and fresh produce, linking its terroir to the timeless taste of true regional recipes. The quality of ingredients is crucial to the authentic flavours of the food, which is why it was decided to plant two kitchen gardens where seasonal produce of the region is grown, such as fruit, vegetables, greens and herbs.

In the kitchen, the cooks are creative, using different parts of the plants during the various phases of the growing cycle.