Esporão’s Marketing Manager Catarina Santos explains that “This campaign is a challenge for all of us, to question modern society’s obsession with wanting to do everything faster. When, in fact, slowing down brings more happiness. At Esporão, keeping pace with nature in our production is something that guides us. For us, slower is better”. This challenge is detailed in the brand’s Manifesto and summarised in its new signature: ‘Slow Forward’. Catarina Santos also adds that: “this campaign has a genuine message and layout. Esporão’s employees literally show their faces and the agency KesselsKramer helped us tell our story.”

This campaign emerged following a study carried out by Universidade Católica Portuguesa on the ‘Slow Lifestyle in Portugal’, which was presented at the Cultural Centre of Belém in Lisbon  during a talk with the voice of the Slow Movement, Carl Honoré. The international multimedia campaign, is complemented by public relations and content produced on various platforms – social networks and even a dedicated website

Slow Forward’ substantiates Esporão’s journey to build a company that is better and more sustainable. It is also a reflection on the firm’s purpose and contribution to help mitigate the problems that affect a world that is increasingly rushed and less humane.

Gijs van Den Berg, Creative Director of KesselsKramer, reveals that “For us it’s very important that the story we tell is genuine. It needs to be based on the true character of the brand. ‘Slow Forward’ isn’t hollow sentiment, it’s a philosophy that underpins everything Esporão does. We want to inspire others to believe in the power of slow as much as Esporão does.”



The world moves at a faster pace than ever.

But to many of us, it looks like we’re going nowhere fast.

Fast is surrendering our privacy for instant access to memes.

Fast is downing a double espresso while rushing to work.

Fast has us watching five seasons of a show on Netflix in one gulp.

Fast has made the week speed by because we were too busy

to stop and look around.

Fast isn’t forward.


We’re from the slow country.

We have a different pace of life.

And it makes life look pretty good.

Slow is smart. Slow is a skill. Slow is progress.

So if you’re in a hurry, drink wine slowly.

Drink life slowly.


There are many ways to move forward. This is ours.


Slow Forward.