Esporão Reserva Red is a classic. This is a rich and full-bodied wine, with an intense colour, marked by aromas of berries and fresh cocoa, with a slight touch of spices. Long and persistent on the palate, it conveys the wine’s rich aromas, presenting great intensity and structure.

When he was invited by Esporão to create the new labels for Esporão Reserva and Esporão Private Selection, Albuquerque Mendes wanted to bring the wine’s memory to the label’s memory, in other words, for the label to be experienced like the wine. During the creative process, the artist’s personal experience in the world of wine was crucial, since his father vinified grapes offered by friends and handcrafted his own labels.

Esporão’s relationship with the art world is not new. Since 1985, Esporão has been committed to creating a different design for the Esporão Reserva and Private Selection labels and, vintage after vintage, these change according to the proposal made by the guest artist.

Albuquerque Mendes and the story of a label  are available in the Nativa online magazine. Discover more in the video.